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May 3, 2015
High Prices

Bought a coin on impulse (had seen it before and intended to buy it, but neglected to check the value first in Haxby and Willey). Charged $60 for a coin valued at $40--i.e. 50% overpriced. Caveat emptor--will not be buying anything else at this store.

January 14, 2015
Unreasonable Buy And Sell Prices

I have tried to buy from these people a few times and I have always walked away. They seem to think I am ignorant of the value of common bullion. They wanted 40%+ premium for an ordinary gold maple and they tried to tell me this was a normal price. When I tried to sell to them they tried to convince me that that same gold maple has very little value. They seem to depend on the ignorance of their customers instead of making a reasonable amount on a reasonable spread. They outright lie when asked to justify their prices saying things like every dealer charges 40+%. They are asking hundreds more than most dealers and when you try to sell it back they will offer hundreds less than most dealers. Go to Van Isle which is just down the road and he will give you a deal based on actual market prices. You can get a gold maple for about 6% over spot.

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