SALE 2017 Canada Celebrating Canada's 150th - Voyageur Special Edition 1 oz Silver $5 Coin GEM BU

#sale:September 20 - September 27

By Modern Coin Mart

Why should you choose this 2017 Canada Celebrating Canada's 150th - Voyageur Special Edition 1 oz. Silver $5 Coin for your collection? The first 11-sided coin was released in 1987 and was quickly dubbed a "the loonie." This design of a loon was not the originally intended design as the original dies were lost in transit. If not for this happenstance, the one-dollar coin would have featured the Voyager image which was featured in 1935 on a dollar coin. Because of ...

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SALE - 1 oz Britannia Gold Coin 2017

#sale:September 20 - September 30

By Coin Invest

Coin Invest is delighted to present the 2017 1 oz Gold Britannia. This internationally admired bullion coin is an inspired choice for investors and is available individually, in tubes of 10 and in boxes of 100. Highlights: 1oz of fine .9999 (24ct) gold Iconic Britannia image by Philip Nathan on reverse Obverse shows the 5th official currency portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark VAT free and exempt from CGT for UK buyers New uncirculated 2017 coin Best ...

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US $0.50 over spot for generic .999+ fine silver bullion by the oz

#sale:September 20 - September 27

By Quality Silver Bullion

This lot of cheap silver bullion includes discounted .999+ fine Silver from OUR CHOICE of Rounds and/or Bars in any size, shape, or condition. This means that the silver you receive from this listing will most likely be tarnished, scratched, marked, and from random manufacturers. We guarantee it to be at least .999 fine silver. When you order the number of troy ounces that you desire, we will send you that many ounces in .999 fine silver or better. When you ...

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1 oz gold coin - 2014 Panda 500 Yuan .999

#sale:September 18 - September 25

By Perth Bullion

China first introduced the Silver Panda coin series in 1983, and every year since, a new variation of the Panda series has been introduced. On the obverse of each coin, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven) of Beijing is depicted. Obverse inscriptions include the Chinese characters for People's Republic of China and the year. The gold coin has a gold purity of .9999. Click here to buy with ...

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$8.99 Over Spot for 1 oz Gold Bars

#sale:September 15 - September 24


1 oz Gold Bars - Random Assorted Secondary Market 24kt Ingot (in Assay) $8.99 Over Spot - Any Quantity! 1 oz Gold Bars are one of the most popular ways to add volume to your gold portfolio. Secondary market gold bars such as these can be purchased at a much lower premium than brand new products, making them a very cost-effective option. Each of these gold bars have been tested for gold content and purity to ensure authenticity. Buy here ...

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Diocletian BI Nummus NGC About Uncirculated

#sale:September 15 - September 22

By Austin Rare Coins & Bullion

Diocletain was a Roman Emperor from 284 to 305 A.D. From humble beginnings, he rose through the military ranks and became emperor of Rome, stabilizing the empire, marking the end of the Crisis of the Third Century. Due to illness, he resigned from rule in 305 yet his amazingly high-quality Bronze coins have survived the test of time. Each coin in this offering has been certified in About Uncirculated condition with remarkable detail on both the front and back of ...

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Fractional Gold Pandas SALE - Lowest Premium

#sale:September 15 - September 22


1 gram 2017 Chinese Gold Panda Coin 10 Yuan Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Highlights Brand New coins from Chinese Mint Each coin is sealed in original mint plastic Contains .999 fine gold Yuan face value, backed by the Chinese government These 2017 Gold Pandas are brand new from the Chinese mint and remain sealed in mint plastic sheet in our temperature controlled vault. BGASC always handles your coins with the utmost care and respect, as if we were collecting them ...

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A Piece of The Moon is ON SALE!

#sale:September 14 - September 20

By Armageddon Mint

2017 $20 Cook Islands MOON EARTH SATELLITE Meteorites 3oz Silver Coin SALE PRICE: $499.00 Buy now The Earth Satellite - Moon Meteorite with real piece of a lunar meteorite and "moon window' Minting 1st: First coin with Convex surface on both sides SOLD OUT mintage-rare in North America Super small mintage of 333 coins Beautiful artwork. Every single meteor piece is unique This beautiful 3 Oz Silver coin is the second issue in the “Meteorites” series and ...

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