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    2011 Silver Eagle MS-70 NGC (25th Anniv, Early Releases)

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    Specifications (61301)

    Metal: Silver .999
    Weight: 1 oz
    Production Year: 2011
    Production Type: Minted

    US only

    Accept Bank Wire

    For orders under $500,000

    For orders under $500,000

    For orders under $250,000

    Dealer: APMEX
    Location: United States
    Rating: 3.9
    Reviews: 129 View
    Products: 3479 View
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    1904 Morgan Dollar PR-64 PCGS CAC
    1903 Morgan Dollar PL MS-66 NGC
    1891 Morgan Dollar PR-64 Cameo PCGS
    1894-O Morgan Dollar MS-64 NGC
    1897 Morgan Dollar MS-67 PCGS
    1891 Morgan Dollar MS-64+ NGC
    1884-CC Morgan Dollar PL MS-65 NGC
    1882-S Morgan Dollar MS-68 PCGS
    1878-S Trade Dollar MS-65 PCGS
    1860-O Liberty Seated Dollar AU-58 PCGS
    1879 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1900 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1903 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1899 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1891 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1871 Pattern $.25 Indian Princess, PR-64 RB PCGS (J-1094) CAC
    1868 Pattern $.10 - Large Cent Style, PR-67 PCGS (J-647) CAC
    1863 Pattern Ten Cents Exch for US Notes, PR-65BN PCGS(J-326) CAC
    1874 Pattern Bickford $10 Dollar PR-66 BN NGC (J-1374)
    1892 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1852 Pattern Liberty Seated Dollar PR-64 BN PCGS CAC (J-134 Res.)
    1893 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1877 Anthony Paquet Half Dollar PR-65 B PCGS CAC (Pattern J-1541)
    1872 Amazonian Half Dollar PR-67RB NGC (Pattern J-1201)
    1885-CC Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1881 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1883 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1885 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1888 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1898 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1902-O Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1890-O Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Paramount)
    1879 "Washlady" Pattern Dollar PR-65 RED PCGS CAC(Pattern J-1018)
    1870 Liberty Seated Dollar PR-67 PCGS CAC (Pattern J-1018)
    1885 Morgan Dollar MS-65 (Redfield Hoard)
    1879 Trade Dollar PF-66 Cameo NGC
    1879-CC Morgan Dollar AU-50 NGC
    1878 Morgan Dollar 7/8 TF Weak MS-64 PCGS (Toned)
    1879-CC Morgan Dollar AU-53 NGC
    1875-CC Trade Dollar MS-62 PCGS
    1879-CC Morgan Dollar AU-50 PCGS
    1803 Draped Bust Dollar VG-10 PCGS
    1864 Liberty Seated Dollar PF-65 Brown PCGS CAC (Pattern J-397)
    1878 Morgan Dollar 7/8 TF MS-64+ NGC (Weak)
    1799 Draped Bust Dollar XF-40 ICG
    1886-S Morgan Dollar MS-63 PCGS (Toned)
    1875-CC Trade Dollar AU-55 PCGS (Chopmark)
    1874-CC Trade Dollar MS-62 NGC
    1928-S Peace Dollar MS-64 PCGS CAC
    1890-CC Morgan Dollar MS-63 PCGS (Toned)
    1881-S Morgan Dollar MS-67 PCGS (Attractive Toning)
    1904-S Morgan Dollar MS-65 NGC

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