1oz Silver Britannia Best Value Coin - SALE, 3%OFF

sale Posted on Apr, 11, by BullionByPost
Active: Apr, 11 - May, 27

1oz Silver Britannia Best Value Coin - SALE, 3%OFF

Weight (grams): 31.10348

Pure silver content (grams): 31.103

Fineness: 999.0

Dimensions: 38.61mm diameter

This 2 pound Britannia silver coin is the largest and purest UK legal tender coin and is therefore Capital Gains Tax Free.

You cannot request which Britannia year you will receive. Coins will be selected from our available stocks. This may be all the same type of coin, or a mixture dependent upon the quantity ordered.

The British silver Britannia bullion coin contains one ounce of fine silver at .999 purity.

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