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    8% OFF on JAPAN Ansei (1859-68) Bu, Ichibu

    sale Posted on Jun, 22, by New York Coin & Bullion
    Active: Jun, 22 - Nov, 5

    8% OFF on JAPAN Ansei (1859-68) Bu, Ichibu

    Now only $219.00 instead of $239.00

    JAPAN Ansei (1859-68) Bu, Ichibu. PCGS MS64 JNDA 09-52 Ansei

    For those collectors looking for something a little different, Japanese Tokugawa Shogunate coinage might be just the thing. The coins are not round like most. Instead they are rectangular or oval, with unique and interesting designs.

    Although Shogunate coinage was issued in bronze, gold, and silver, for PCGS Set Registry® purposes we have concentrated on the hammered gold and silver coins from 1601 to 1867. While the coins are not "dated" in the normal sense of the word, Japanese characters on the coins indicate the period in which the coin was made. The monetary system was based on the Ryo which is equivalent to the Koban. So, 16 Shu equals 1 Koban and 4 Bu equals 1 Koban. The Registry composites are listed by denomination and within each set the coins are by period and Krause catalogue number. Denominations include Shu, 2 Shu, Bu, 2 Bu, and Koban.

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