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Limited Offer: 7% OFF Hand Poured Silver Bar "Spider"

sale Posted on Jul, 17, by ShinyBars
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Hand Poured 4 oz Silver Bar "Spider" .999 Fine Silver | ShinyBars

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Our creepy and limited 4 oz Spider Silver bar! It is a unique and fun .999 fine silver bar that is sure to add some coolness to your silver bullion stack.

Product Details
This is a creepy 4 oz silver bar with a spider on the front! It is poured with .999 fine silver then carefully polished and stamped by hand. Each of these silver bullion bars offer a unique addition for your stack. The mold is manufactured in-house which offers a truly unique silver bar for your collection. This bar is limited to 200 bars!

Why Buy This 4 oz Silver Bullion Spider Bar?

  • Contains 4 troy oz .999 fine hand poured silver bullion
  • Each bar is unique due to hand pouring and stamping
  • A unique 1 of a kind product by ShinyBars
  • Individually Serial Numbered and limited to only 200 bars!

We take care in measuring, pouring and stamping each of our .999 fine silver bars. After completing each 4 oz silver bar we inspect and weigh each one independently to ensure that they make weight and meet our quality control standards. 

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