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vanessa james
June 28, 2016

the entire process is so simple compared to banks. being only a first time customer, i am quite impressed with the processing time. THUMBs up to the young lads working hard here. had it not been for them i would have never wrote this ! cheers *p.s banks are a rip off..

June 22, 2016
Good deal

i Long time investing gold and platinum. too many problems when other places. In gold stock very good services and low prises.

November 17, 2015
this can't be taken serious

I had bought gold bullion from Goldstock. When the time came to sell I was quoted a price to which I agreed but I was shortchanged $1.50 per ounce. When I asked why? I was told because the price dropped while he was doing the paperwork. For me, a deal is a deal. When you agree on a price, you honor it. Next time, I will go to another dealer.

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