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Phone: 1-800-780-0350
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United States
New York
New York
300 Park Avenue, 12th Floor

Business Description


  • Gold Coins and Bars
  • Silver Coins and Bars

G is positioned as an alternative partner that lets private investors and companies invest in physical gold and silver and store their investment outside the banking system, in secured vaults located in Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore.

G is one of the only company in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system with unencumbered direct ownership, thus full control by the investor.

No ownership or storage intermediation, no exposure to counterparts risks, either at the level of ownership (direct) or storage (a storage account in your name).

Clients are allowed direct access to the secured vaults, should they wish to handle or verify their holdings. Our minimum investment is 5000$.

Gold has been money for more than 5,000 years. No paper currency has survived throughout history. Gold has always maintained its purchasing power whilst government deficits and money printing has consistently destroyed the value of paper money. With most sovereign states as well as the entire global banking system under severe financial stress, wealth preservation today is absolutely crucial. This is why physical gold should be an important store of value in any portfolio.

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