2017 Cook Islands Yi Soon Shin Silver Coin 10 $ 2 oz


    All that stood against an invading army of samurai was one man
    who could not be defeated in battle.

    YI SOON SHIN is a lavish 12-issue limited comic book series
    based on the true story of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a Korean
    naval commander who saved his people from Japanese
    invasion forces during the Imjin War (1592-1598).
    Outgunned, outnumbered, but never outwitted, Yi Soon
    Shin won 23 consecutive victories and drove the invaders
    out of his country. Each issue of the comic focuses on an important
    battle that helped change the course of the war and
    define Yi’s legacy. An international sales sensation, the hit
    YI SOON SHIN series has achieved major milestones at
    comic book conventions around the world and is the first
    series in history to complete the 1500 Comic Book Battle –
    not once, but twice! – at New York Comic-Con and sell out
    at over 60 conventions worldwide.

    A collector‘s edition
    silver coin limited to
    500 will be minted to
    commemorate each
    victory and each issue,
    for a total of 12.
    This is the first.
    Collect them all!

    Each coin comes with a deluxe hardcover copy of the
    176-page graphic novel, featuring a foreword by
    comics legend Stan Lee, and a never before seen
    limited art print by the artist himself.

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