2018 1 oz South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang 999 Silver Medal BU

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    2018 1 oz South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang 999 Silver Medal BU

    Bound to be one of the most popular releases of the year.

    Place your pre-order at LPM before they run out!

    Chiwoo Cheonwang, also known as “Jaoji Hwanung” is a legendary warrior from mythical times. He is the 14th successor of ancient Baedal who became “Cheonwang” (Heavenly King). He built weapons of various kinds and controlled weather during battle. The numerous victories won him the mythical title of 「God of war」 and his legacy continues to have an immense impact for generations. Chiwoo was also the mascot of the 「Red Devils」, the supporter’s group of the Korean national soccer team that advanced with the team to semifinals during 2002 World cup.


    The main theme of the obverse depicts 「Gwi-myeon-wa (Yong-meon-wa)」, a roof tile from Silla Dynasty that features a face of “Do ggae bi”, a supernatural creature that protects people from evil spirits. The inscription of the obverse, 「CLAY」 is a new concept of measurement which represents the weight and quantity. Thus the definition of 「1 CLAY」 is 「1 Piece of 1 Troy Oz」. This expression of 「CLAY」 comes from the meaning of materials of earth and dirt that make up 「Gwi-myeon-wa (Yong-myeon-wa)」.


    The reverse design displays an impactful image of Chiwoo wielding sword atop his mighty warhorse in a battlefield. Also it is the last moment for an opponent’s viewpoint before being dispatched by the fearsome Chiwoo.

    Interesting Factors The 「Chiwoo Cheonwang Series」 is composed of images that represent a timeline of time-honored stories about this legendary warrior. The first release of Chiwoo in 2016 presented Chiwoo holding a spear and shield in full array on horseback before going to battlefield. The third release of Chiwoo this year displays Chiwoo charging toward the enemy position.

    *** Limit of 100 per customer to give all collectors a chance to purchase this popular coin. Orders over this will be cancelled.


    Year: 2018

    Metal Content: 1oz

    Denomonation: 1 Clay

    Purity: 999

    Condition: BU

    Country: South Korea

    Manufacturer: Komsco

    Mintage: 45 000

    Diameter (mm): 40

    Edge: Plain

    Inner Packaging: 25

    Outer Packaging: 250

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