Beautiful Silver Fortune Clover Coin


The new flagship clover coin thanks to its elaborate design and production Silver Fortune is the result of uniting CIT’s expertise and long tradition with special shape coins, lately struck in dramatic smartminting© relief, with one of CIT’s most popular themes dating back to 2010 – the four-leaf clover. The classic Ounce of Luck series was issued for the ANA show with an updated design and is still a sought after gift and staple in many a collection. The ...

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Beautiful Butterfly Coin


Graphium policenes, the common swordtail, derives its name from its characteristic sword-like tails. It belongs to the family Papilionidae (swallowtails), comprising 90 recorded species, and are commonly found in the tropical forests of Africa. The species is, perhaps, the most beautiful of the Graphium species, with patterns of bright turquoise, yellow or white on their dark brown wings. Males have a wingspan of 55-60 mm while females are larger, with a 60-65 mm ...

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Tiffany Art Coins from Coin Invest AG


The Tiffany Art collection is one of CIT’s most famous series. The coins’ rich and intricate details captivate the viewer and direct the attention to the signature Tiffany glass window inlayed in each issue. Tiffany Art launched in 2004 and has been issued annually since 2007. The traditional 2 oz coins are accompanied by impressive 100 mm, 1 kg versions since 2014. At Egina, we currently only have one Tiffany coin left in stock, the 1 kg from 2017 (Wells ...

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Come visit our new Reddit coin community, exclusively for your High End, "Luxury" Collector coins.

Art in Coins

We've just launched a new coin forum on Reddit.  The sole objective is to share our own deep passion for contemporary numismatics and world class collector coins utilizing the latest in manufacturing and finishing technologies. This is not a board for old antiquity pieces, random jewlery, non legal tender bullion or scrap metal. This is and will remain a community exclusively for high end, low mintage, gold, silver and platinum collector sets.  If your item of ...

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Honoring Women’s History Month

The United States Mint

Here at the United States Mint, women have been making history for more than two centuries. The Mint hired the first female Federal employees ever at the Philadelphia Mint facility in 1795 as adjusters. Adjusters weighed and, if necessary, filed coin blanks down to their proper weight to control material costs for the Government. Another "first" occurred when Nellie Tayloe Ross, who had already made history as the first woman elected as the Governor of a State ...

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NEW COIN VIDEO REVIEW BY POWER COIN: CUPID AND PSYCHE - Eternal Sculptures - Canova - 2 Oz Silver Coin - Palau 2016

Power Coin

This is the week of love because, last Wednesday, was Valentine's Day!Do you know that we have the perfect silver coin to celebrate this festivity? I'm talking about our beautiful "Cupid and Psyche", the first issue from the "Eternal Sculptures" series. Watch the video and tell me what you think about this coin with a ...

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Marianne - a Precious Symbol of Equality

Monnaie de Paris

A precious symbol of equality. The Marianne coin series launched in 2017 is based on the French motto: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". Each year, Marianne will bear one of these values. After starting with Liberty, discover now Marianne illustrating Equality. Drawn by Joaquin Jimenez, she is designed with the hair in the wind, wearing a phrygian bonnet and laurel. Equality is represented by the equal sign comming from the letter E; it symbolises equality ...

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1 oz. Reverse Gold-Plated Pure Silver Coin - Iconic Canada: Inukshuk - Mintage: 5,000 (2018)

Royal Canadian Mint

Similar 1/2 oz. design sold out in 2016! Hurry and order yours today! The rough-hewn elegance and spiritual meaning of an inukshuk belies its practicality as a navigational and communication tool for Arctic travellers. To the Inuit, it is regarded as a guide or warning to those who follow in their footsteps across the often-harsh northern landscape; to allCanadians coast to coast to coast, it is a foremost symbol of our common spirit of community and friendship, ...

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Celebrating another milestone in Disney animation with Three Little Pigs from 1932


This article was originally posted on New Zeland Mint's blog. Today we have added another unique, Disney Poster rectangular coin to our Disney collectible coin range. This coin features the Silly Symphony cartoon Three Little Pigs, released on 27 May 1932. Earning an Academy Award® for Best Cartoon at the 6th Academy Awards® in 1934, it was based on the original fable of the same name -- although slightly softened as in Disney's version Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, ...

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