Norse Gods Series - Thor 1 oz Silver Colorized Round

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Buy the colorized Thor Silver Round today | 1 troy ounce .999 Fine Silver

Product details

  • Each round is composed of 1 oz, .999 Fine Silver
  • Proof, mirror finish
  • Obverse features colorized field
  • Manufactured by Anonymous Mint
  • Edge numbered and shipped with signed COA
  • Limited mintage of 1000

Protect your future with the strength of the Colorized Thor 1 oz Silver Round from Provident Metals. This 1 oz round is composed of .999 fine silver and makes a brilliantly colorful addition to your silver bullion collection. The Howard David Johnson design creates a striking appearance, sure to delight fans of Norse mythology and bullion buyers. As the second release in the Norse Gods series, Thor is a round you want in your collection.

Johnson’s obverse features the mighty god, Thor, wielding his hammer, Mjolnir. The hammer is famous for its strength and its loyalty to its owner, Thor. Only he can utilize Mjolnir’s power. While Thor and Mjolnir appear in silver, blue lighting emanates from the top of the mighty hammer, creating turbulent and remarkably colored skies, highlighting the field.

The reverse highlights the notable Valkyrie- the “Chooser of the Slain,” (as is seen inscribed to the left of the steed). According to the legend, Valkyries rode through battle, watching the heroic warriors fight. Those who were killed could be chosen by a Valkyrie to ascend to Valhalla, a hall for warriors to feast and prepare for the ultimate battle of Ragnarok. This Valkyrie rides, wielding her sword and shield. “VALKYRIE” is noted above her, while “1 ounce .999 Fine Silver,” is displayed to her left.

Each 1 oz coin is edge numbered and ships in a plastic capsule with a display box and certificate of authenticity.

This Provident exclusive colorized coin has a limited mintage of 1000. Do not wait to order your piece of brilliantly colored Norse mythology. Collect the Norse Gods series as a prudent investment or spectacular gift.

Order online, or call 800-313-3315.

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