Osborne Mint Limited Series: Celtic Lore - Merlin First Release

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In celebration of the mythology and religion of the early Celts, Provident is happy to offer the Celtic Lore series of limited edition silver rounds produced by Osborne Mint. Though much of this folklore was lost during the rise of Christianity in the region, many of the figures seen in this series remain common archetypes in today’s pop culture.

Once complete, the Celtic Lore series will feature five original designs based on artwork by world-renowned artist and illustrator Howard David Johnson. The series begins with Merlin, the famed wizard and dragon master from the Arthurian legends. It continues with the Morrigan (the Celtic goddess of war), the Welsh Red Dragon, Cernunnos (the Celtic god of wealth and animals), and the Banshee (the foreteller of death).

Each design in the series shares a reverse that features intricate Celtic knot work, which was used extensively in the period’s artwork. The design also features two stylistic wolf heads, along the series name, weight, and purity.

Collectors will be pleased to find that each design comes in a variety of finishes including proof, antiqued, and colorized. Furthermore, each finish is offered in a weight of one ounce and five ounces. Rounds come tucked into a coin box with a certificate of authenticity.

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Merlin Silver Proof Round

1 oz

5 oz

Merlin Silver Antiqued Round

1 oz

5 oz

Coming SOON
Merlin Colorized Silver Round

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