Beautiful silver heart coin, the perfect gift


The Silver Heart is one of the most dazzling and elaborate heart coins ever minted. CIT’s dramatic smartminting© technology invigorates the heart-themed coin genre. One ounce of silver is struck to create a bulging, hefty three dimensional heart with delicate ornaments reminiscent of the Silver Fortune introduced at the Beijing Coin Exposition in late 2017. The Silver Heart will fascinate collectors of modern numismatics and bring joy to anyone lucky enough to ...

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Beautiful ichthyosaur fossil silver coin from Mongolia


This coin is the latest addition to the Evolution of Life collection and depicts an ichthyosaur fossil in stunning high-relief detail. Ichthyosaurs are an extinct species of aquatic reptiles that were most prominent in numbers during the Mesozoic Era, approximately 251 to 65.5 million years ago. Ichthyosaurs evolved from land reptiles and adapted to aquatic life, hence their name which literally translates to “fish-lizard”. It is believed that these sea ...

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Beautiful Forbidden City 1kg silver coin


CIT proudly presents a 1 kg issue of the Mineral Art Forbidden City coin. The Mineral Art Forbidden City coin stunned collectors in 2015 with incredibly intricate detail rarely seen before and a beautiful amber inlay at the center of the superb design reminiscent of a Chinese coin. The 2 oz version was succeeded by a 5 oz variety with an agate inlay in 2016. CIT now proudly presents a 1 kg issue that stays true to the beautiful original design but presents details ...

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Beautiful Silver Fortune Clover Coin


The new flagship clover coin thanks to its elaborate design and production Silver Fortune is the result of uniting CIT’s expertise and long tradition with special shape coins, lately struck in dramatic smartminting© relief, with one of CIT’s most popular themes dating back to 2010 – the four-leaf clover. The classic Ounce of Luck series was issued for the ANA show with an updated design and is still a sought after gift and staple in many a collection. The ...

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60th Anniversary of Paddington Bear 50p Coins

BNT Coins

Paddington's first ever appearance on an official UK coin A beautiful ode to a British childhood classic Available in gold, silver, or copper nickel Guaranteed to sell out fast ORDER NOW at BNT Coins Making his debut appearance on an official UK coin, The Royal Mint welcomes Paddington Bear to its ranks. Based on the smash-hit bestselling books by Michael Bond, this 2018 issue from The Royal Mint is a heartwarming and nostalgic tribute to one of Britain's most ...

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Honoring Women’s History Month

The United States Mint

Here at the United States Mint, women have been making history for more than two centuries. The Mint hired the first female Federal employees ever at the Philadelphia Mint facility in 1795 as adjusters. Adjusters weighed and, if necessary, filed coin blanks down to their proper weight to control material costs for the Government. Another "first" occurred when Nellie Tayloe Ross, who had already made history as the first woman elected as the Governor of a State ...

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Art in Coins announces a new supplier relationship

Art in Coins

For all of our fans of South Pacific coins, we are pleased to announce we've partnered with the Australian producer of the Tokelau series coins.  They are most noted for their Mythology, Lunar and Zodiac silver and gold proofs and we look forward to having a generous selection of their products in stock in the coming days. We have a running promotion in celebration of our new relationship. For a short time, get 5% off our in-stock and pre-order Tokelau ...

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Where To Buy Coins Struck With Smartminting Technology?


Smartminting is a revolutionary technology in modern numismatics which lets increase the surface area up to 183% and decrease the weight of a coin. SmartMinting stands for: strikingly higher relief on standard weight coins extraordinary high relief on coins with slightly increased weight considerably larger diameter on a standard weight coins while maintaining relief height standard relief height on coins with greatly reduced weight Dealers providing coins struck ...

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