5 Tips for New Investors

    Cornerstone Bullion

    1. Don’t buy rare, collectible, or limited edition items.  Rare, collectible, or limited edition coins are coins that typically generate high commissions for the dealers.  This means that when you sell the coins later, the “spread” between the buy and sell the price will be much more than regular bullion coins.  Many rare coins have a 20-30% spread between buy and sell price (a coin you buy from a dealer for $1000 you have to sell back to the dealer for ...

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    Which Is Better - Investing in Gold Mining Stock or in Physical Gold?


    Investing in gold mine stock or physical gold   Gold is one of the safest investment options to protect against inflation and market crashes. With gold prices climbing after January, investors are again taking interest. Investments in physical gold and gold mining stocks are two popular ways of owning gold. There some similarities between the two, as well as differences. The question is which option is better?     Similarities   Gold has a baseline value ...

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    Gold as a Wedding Gift - the Perfect Gift Guide


    Over the last fortnight we’ve noticed a higher than normal number of articles on the rising, and often unnecessary, cost of a wedding. There seems to be two schools of thought – blow the money on a lavish wedding or be so sensible as to possibly miss the wonder of such a day.     The Guardian highlighted both that Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins now sell wedding dresses and the rise of the Peacock Groom.    The Daily Mail wrote a hilarious satire on the ...

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    How Much Gold Should You Have In Your Portfolio?


    Does Gold Belong in your portfolio? There is absolutely no denying that gold has held value for thousands of years. It is found in the graves of the elite all over the world throughout antiquity. The search for it drove much of the exploration of the New World. Treasure hunters risk their lives pursuing chests of it lost at the bottom of the sea. An old Wall Street adage says, “Put 10% of your portfolio in gold and hope it doesn’t work.” We might add to ...

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