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Maria 16 February 2018
Stunning rounds, a very nice company!

This seller offers very special silver rounds, for those who needs something unique! Nice selection, great customer service. I recommend them!

Vlad Canada 06 February 2018
Slow service, poor customer care

Although TGB seems to have interesting products and prices, it seems to be a lottery: some have good experience, some have a bad one. My experience was quite bad if compared to Canadian competitors or even eBay. Some products I ordered were for pre-order, but no information is given about the delay to be expected. So my ordered arrived after one month, and hadn't I contacted customer care, the would never had informed me of delays. The package was delayed by the shipping company, I asked TGB to investigate, never got any answer, and I'm still waiting. And last but not least, I didn't what I ordered. As they don't answer my mails, I gave up. Two stars is the maximum I can give.

George 14 November 2017
Great experince. Cheap and fast.

Buying silver from these folks for a few months and they actually care. Fast shipping, good product, and damn cheap. AAA+

Robert Cohan 29 September 2017
Nice service, I will definitely order more

They arrived .. I will definitely purchase from your company again

Robert Jordan 07 September 2017
Conscious sales reps - great deals!

Charles Zink, who handled my account, was well informed, courteous, and genuinely professional - I highly recommend Charles and for the sheer professionalism and deep sense of concern that he exhibited in relationship to getting my order right step by step, from beginning to end.

Leonard Veraldi 03 September 2017
Sold silver bullion, silver coins and purchased a gold "hole in one" necklace for my wife.

Just to say friendly service would not do justice to the Professional way I was treated. Each time I went there was an enjoyable experience. The price paid for my bullion and coins was spot on full and accurate. The necklace I bought was beautiful and my wife loves it. I would not hesitate to do more business there. Leonard Veraldi

djjacket 01 September 2017
Great Service and Pricing

After many successful orders using Bitcoin and Monero, I can say that is my go-to vendor for gold and silver purchases.

The Silver Surfer 23 August 2017
My go to source for junk silver!

Customer service is top notch. No long waits to communicate with a representative. Representative quickly and politely addressed my questions. sells high quality junk silver at the lowest prices that I could find on the web. Shipping is lightning fast as well. is my go to vendor for junk silver!

Lontirno 10 August 2017
Quick shipping with amicable status updates

I had a good experience placing my first order with Canadian Silver Saver through the website. Information about each item was easy to find, and I received e-mail status updates about the shipment and packaging process, and the parcel arrived on time with a few extra bonuses included: coasters, pen, stickers, business cards, and felt bags for some of the precious metal items. My order was for several poured precious metal bars and for a crafted art piece and all items arrived just as expected and described.

Philip Wheeler 30 July 2017
Memorial Bar

I have many pieces from Pit Bullion, but the one I treasure most of all of them is a 10 oz memorial he poured for me for my wife. Stamped just how I wanted it and it is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up as I keep it right next to my bed. Thanx again Mike!!! The Don is top notch in my book..

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