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    Tom Bryan 03 July 2018
    Absolute experts. Incredible customer service.

    I have been using Bullion for Less for the past three years. They have worked with me over that time in helping to generate a pension investment pot that I will be able to draw upon in the future. I have just found the guys and girls there to be so accommodating. They inform me of different investment strategies for making me aware of all the pros which have enabled me to choose the investment style that what works best for me.

    Shane 04 June 2018
    Quick and Easy

    First time buying from this dealer, was quick, easy, good selection, and came tariff free lol :D

    kelvin 31 May 2018
    probably the best price on the web

    these guys are probably have the best price on the whole web in Canada right now !!! i challenge anyone to bring another website which sells cheap and ships free over 15+ oz ....i challenge anyone out there to refute me.... and i'm saying that with confidence.

    Jesse Fawcett 27 April 2018
    Smooth, easy and affordable.

    This was my first time purchase, but it was cheap and easy. Good service, and packaging. Quick shipping time too. 10/10

    Adam 20 April 2018
    Amazing Prices, Amazing Quality

    I bought from Global Bullion Suppliers a few times and Im always VERY happy with the shipping, conditions of the product, and pricing. I am glad I found Global Bullion Suppliers. Very happy with the customer service. Overall, one of the best places to buy PMs!!

    Daniel 20 April 2018
    Great products, great price, great service

    I have been buying a wide variety of precious metals from GBS on the wholesale level for my storefront location - and I have to say, GBS is a pleasure to deal with. Great prices, excellent and responsive customer service, and above all - beautiful bullion coins, rounds and bars. Max always go above and beyond and I look forward to many more years of doing business together.

    Paul Starnes 05 April 2018
    Great Service, Low Prices, Free Shipping

    My latest order was a 10 Guilder 1912 gold coin with .1947 otw gold. I have placed many orders with them, gold and silver. They offer the convenience of e-check, and I usually get my order in 7-8 days. Outstanding customer service, and they always have silver rounds at $0.69 over spot. They also have silver AT spot if you look around! (I'm not saying what...just look) Couldn't be happier with them.

    Rocky Lanier 22 March 2018
    Eagles Nest Numismatics

    Brian, Dave and Kathy are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Always a good experience when dealing with the staff at ENN. Will be purchasing coins and bullion from this establishment again. Would highly recommend them to family and friends.

    Calvin Siggeman 22 February 2018
    Great Coins

    I've purchased coins several times. They respond promptly with questions and mail out efficiently. Thank you C

    Maria 16 February 2018
    Stunning rounds, a very nice company!

    This seller offers very special silver rounds, for those who needs something unique! Nice selection, great customer service. I recommend them!

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